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To do literacy training effectively takes a team who view it as a calling.

About us

With an estimated 3,3 million illiterate people in South Africa your organisation is sure to be impacted by this complex and limiting phenomenon. Adult Education and Training is not just a training initiative – it is a life-changing, organisation-changing intervention. Without the basics of literacy in place, it is almost impossible to motivate, understand and manage the people in your workplace. Many organisations in South Africa find themselves in a situation where levels of education (as reflected through speaking, reading, writing and thinking skills) are severely compromised. This has serious implications for levels of productivity, responsibility, accountability and efficiency at the workplace. Reading and writing skills are the traditional point of departure to upskill, thereby making the workforce competitive with international standards and norms.

Linda Thoms leads our team with dedication and passion to uplift the people in your workplace, ensuring a more skilled, committed and productive workforce. Our approach is personal, doesn’t rely on IT mediation, resulting in an uplifting learning experience that maintains the individual’s dignity.

Adult Literacy

Ulwazi offers a curriculum-based course of instruction in Basic English, specifically designed to develop second-language skills to the point where successful participants are able to participate meaningfully in your business, become more productive and advance to supervisory positions.

We offer AET levels Pre-level 1 to Level 4 (NQF1).

Adult Numeracy

Nearly every operation in business relies on some form of numeracy and successful work teams need to be able to confidently work with basic calculations required for everyday processes.

We offer AET Level 1 to Level 4 (NQF1) which takes a learner from basic number skills and arithmetic operations and extends to decimals, fractions, percentages, degrees, problem solving, measurement, graphs, ratio, proportion and formulas.

Business Communication

Communication is only effective if it is understood as it is intended. Business Communications training ensures that the layout, tone and expression used is correct and meaningful. The focus is on analytical and problem solving skills required to extract information from either written or graphically represented information, to connect various pieces of information and then to present this information in some specific format. Language usage is an element incorporated into all the above areas. The emphasis is on critical evaluation and editing of all written business communication.

We also offer a customised Business English course conducted on a one-on-one basis. This includes the basic Business Communications skills as well as a focus on specific language weaknesses pertinent to each individual and provides them with templates to use for their own everyday working needs.

Zulu for Non-Zulu Speakers

The inability to communicate in Zulu – South Africa’s most widely-spoken language – can be especially frustrating in the work environment. Ulwazi offers the opportunity for beginners to master conversational Zulu.

Personal Financial Management

Helping employees manage personal finances is critical to improving organisational performance and reducing the resulting administrative burden. Debt-ridden employees are absent more often, less productive and distracted. Helping them escape debt and manage finance – helps the organisation as a whole.

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