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Business simulations are widely acknowledged as the most effective method of experiential learning. The aim of these simulations is to build real business understanding.

About us

Essentially the key thinking behind the business simulations is that an improvement in business understanding will have a positive influence on people’s perceptions and resultant attitude. This in turn, will have a positive impact on changing people’s behaviour. It is ultimately behaviour that affects company performance and specifically, the bottom line.

These simulations are powerful tools in:

  • Change management
  • Business improvement
  • Financial understanding
  • Functional understanding
  • Improved employment relations

Using our unique learning methodology, we build a real and deep understanding of your business amongst all staff. This empowers them to be aligned and committed to achieving your company’s goals and objectives.


Some of the many effective simulations cover these key concepts:

  • Managing Business Today – management level
  • Running Business Today – middle management and lower levels
  • Distribution Today – employees in warehousing and transport industries
  • Business Acumen Today – middle management
  • The Finance of Sales Today – all staff who need to improve their business acumen, sales people
  • Farming Business Today – Farming industry

These living case-studies allow the learners to take ownership of their decisions and actions increasing the overall understanding of the business and how they play a part.

Regardless of the level of employee involved, our approach is to use experiential simulations, which incorporate theory and practice while ensuring that the learning content is designed to suit the needs of the participants.

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