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Bryant Bell & Associates focuses on middle to senior management / leadership development with the sole objective of providing meaningful interventions to assist leaders to optimise their human resource talent.

Godfrey Bell heads up this team with a focus on human resource development in the following key areas:

Management Assessment of Proficiency

This unique intervention is essential for every leader in every organisation. This scientific tool provides managers with accurate feedback and benchmarks their proficiencies with global and local peers. Ultimately, it provides them with the tools to grow in 12 core competencies to ensure they keep your organisation performing at its optimum.

Training Workshops offered by Bryant Bell & Associates include:

  • Essential Management / Leadership Skills – a focus on the nuances and the ‘how to’ of best practice
  • Consultative Selling Skills – the rationale and skills of needs-driven selling
  • Negotiating Skills – planning, conducting and concluding win-win negotiations
  • Creative Thinking / Problem Solving / Decision Making Skills – an analytical process ensuring root- cause analysis is conducted and decision-making is substantiated
  • Conscious Time Management Skills – fully utilising this most scarce resource
  • Interpersonal Skills – how to get the most out of people
  • Conflict Resolution Skills – a structured approach to dealing with emotive issues
  • Personal Development Skills – a toolkit of key skills to equip individuals to meet business challenges
  • Managing Effective Meetings – minimising wasted time and resources by efficiently managing meetings

Team Effectiveness Workshops

Jumping off a cliff together or rafting down a river may be fun – but to really build effective teams, each member has to truly understand themselves and their context as well as the objectives and issues facing the team. By integrating both personal and team objectives your team can achieve ultimate effectiveness.


Coaching provides positive support, feedback and guidance to an individual or group to improve their personal effectiveness in the business context. As human resource development specialists, Bryant Bell & Associates utilise coaching as a follow-up to their assessment and training interventions as well as to achieve specific individual and team growth.

Internal Organisational and Customer Surveys

Receiving and understanding feedback from within your organisation, as well as from customers, unlocks the information that keeps you moving forward.

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