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est. 1988

About us

Bryant Bell & Associates offers a range of diverse training products and is linked to national and international strategic alliances to ensure that learning is transferred back to the workplace through usable and relevant skills

Our Services

Our diverse training products and strategic alliances allow us to offer unique and comprehensive training solutions both in the private and public sectors.

Since our establishment in 1988, we have grown to encompass several distinct specialist business units all with the purpose of empowering your people.

Welcome to Bryant Bell & Associates

Our business approach allows us to partner with organisations to bring them human resource development solutions

Companies and Services

Who we are and what we offer

Bryant Bell & Associates

Bryant Bell & Associates focuses on the strategic development of human resources for optimum business performance.


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Super Management (SA)

Supervisors are often caught in the fine balancing act between appeasing worker expectations and impressing management. Few are ever given the necessary skills.


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Ulwazi Literacy Training

To do literacy training effectively takes a team who view it as a calling.


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Bryant Bell Training – AT (SA)

Market research indicates that many accounting practitioners have no formal qualification but rather have progressed through the ranks by virtue of tenure or informal learning.


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Business Today

Business simulations are widely acknowledged as the most effective method of experiential learning. The aim of these simulations is to build real business understanding.


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